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the relationship among WPF properties

Posted by steveluo on February 23, 2009

Properties ( CLR properties),  DependencyProperty and  Attached properties (Attached  DependencyProperty)
Attached properties are typically defined as a specialized form of dependency property that does not have the conventional property “wrapper”. (src)

a DependencyProperty is a special form of property that has the feature of being able to interact with WPF (styling, data binding, animation, etc.).

A DependencyProperty is always a property of an object derived from the DependencyObject class. Note that only Dependency Properties can be used as a binding target. A DependencyProperty is created using the static Register method of the DependencyProperty class.

Common Language Runtime (CLR) property is: it is the classic .NET class property.

an Attached DependencyProperty should be stored in a public static readonly field. This is to ensure its visibility to anyone wishing to use it.

from  Attached Properties Overview,


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