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C#, Java, C++ Performance

Posted by steveluo on August 23, 2009

1) C#, Java and C++
Microbenchmarking C++, C#, and Java   (DDJ 2005 )
C# versus C++ versus Java performance comparison
Java Performance
The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
Debunking C# vs C++ Performance

2) for C# Only
Compiling .NET to Machine Code
How to Write HighPerformance C# Code | .NET Developer’s Journal (2004)
Performance (C#) (MSDN)
Effective C# – Part I 
How to write friendlier code for the Garbage Collector and to gain performance boost
An in depth look at for loops  and For loop follow up (Disagreeing with Richter?!)

3) example
High-Performance Timer in C# / General / C#   [another]


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